A straight forward investment thesis built by Entrepreneurs for Early stage Entrepreneurs.

Our spirit

Trying to make the best of both world from entrepreneur to investor


We came up with the #FFAACCTT thesis because we analyzed hundreds of series A to find a common pattern in those who were able to offer an exit or a new round of funding. We find out there were common milestones and behaviours. Our mission is to help reach these caracteristics so that your company will be in best conditions to be successful...

We made so many mistakes in terms of Governance, Shareholders agreement, Structuration (...) that we are able to avoid others to shoot themselves in the feet. We share our experience to help Entrepreneurs be stronger when rising money for a series A. We love the early days of projects and we know at that time we can add value. After that we are not the good guys so we exit when we no longer produce value.

Francois Goube

Founder & CEO


#FFACCTT is Our thesis

Take care of the Project is priority number 1


We look for Fast growing (or potentially fast-growing) companies. We care about your ability to grow your Revenues x3 to x5+ Year-over-Year. We know what hyper-growth is and we also know how to help in this case, so we focus on this pattern.


As an Entrepreneur your journey might look like sailing surrounded by hurricanes, so if there is no fun, why waking up? We believe we can work seriously without having to be boring. Make that journey exciting and fun!


We want to have impact so when we invest we want our money to fuel your growth either it's on the Product, your GTM or your Revenues. So your projects has to be Accelerable.


We know what it takes to make 1€, so we won't give you a buck if you are overpriced... The deal must be Affordable specially because our average investement period is under 4 years. We offer a fair valuation for each company, plus we offer the opportunity for your Key People or Founders to buy back our stock before closing (or at closing) Series A. Affordable.


We want you to be focus on growth but we look for Entrepreneurs able to understand their business should be able to reach break-even in case of downturn of the Economy. We want people able to manage sharply costs.


We are not fan of workaholics but we love to work with passionated and committed Entrepreneurs. That means we want founders to be not just focused but very tied to their project. We want people to make hard choices for the sake of their mission. Commitment is everything.


We are here to help you build the right process to grow. You need control, then you need metrics. You need to have Data, not asumptions. Your business must be data-driven. We want you to prove your actions are trackable.


We focus on disrupting projects. From our XP, we know having some secret technology sauce is what makes companies successful building bareers at entry. We also ran over 20 years of R&D plan so we know how to help on that part of the journey.

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